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What's the worst you've ever been burned on a jersey purchase?


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Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a few days and this thread has caught my attention.

This is not so much a jersey purchase as what happened to my jersey. For my birthday, my grandparents gave me money so I bought the new Ducks black replica jersey. I know its not very popular, but for some reason I've liked the black, gold, and orange scheme. Well fast forward to April 4th, my wife and I went to the Ducks-Sharks home finale while we were in California on vacation. I had decided that I wanted to get the jersey personalized and got Selanne put on it. A few days later I discovered they had put a small hole in my jersey. No big deal, you would have to look hard to find it, so I wasn't too upset.

Until the following Tuesday when I noticed that the nameplate on the Selanne jersey was coming off. One corner was peeling off substantially. Sure enough it peeled right off, as did the 8# on the back, which was also coming off. The numbers on the sleeves came right off as well, leaving glue residue and marks on the jersey. I have yet to decide how I want to repair this thing. Every time I look at it I get ticked off about it.

Did you get it iorned up at the Pond? If so, take it back and have it redone. I picked up a new Ducks Black jersey the day they were released to the public and had it personalized in the same way, and had the same problems. I noticed my jersey wasnt fully pressed before I even walked out of the store and the guy gladly repressed it. The guy behind the counter said if there was any kind of problem to take it back and they'll heat press it to your satisfaction.

I did get it done there, unfortunately I live in Phoenix and I'm not sure when I'll be able to get out that way again. In a way, I'm happy to know I'm not the only one whose had that issue.

Now, when I was there it was some fat guy with a moustache who did the heat press, and I noticed that there were a bunch of people who came back annoyed that he didnt do a satisfactory job.

I don't remember who did it when I was there. I'm sorry I didn't just splurge and get an already personalized one.

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I bought a Ken Griffey Jr. Mariners jersey a year before he got traded. I was so mad, because not only was he my favorite player at the time, that also meant the end of Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for Nintendo.



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I got a Derian Hatcher Wings jersey right as soon as we got him. I wouldn't say I was that burned, but it didn't pan out as well as I'd hoped.

I also got a Barry Sanders jersey right before he suddenly retired, but it was a cheap replica.

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