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Oakland A's


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Heh, I had a style in my head, and figured there's only one team in the majors that could pull this off.









shoot, if they'd a let him, yall know Rickey woulda had his first name on the back...anyway, I thought the checked placket/cuffs/pants stripe would work well, and I'd drawn up an elephant head to go with it all, so that had to be part of this as well.

Edit: home, away and TATC posted


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Classic 'Scrim. And I mean that as a compliment. Let's try and tackle this beast...

LOGO: Elephant head is a nice update to what they've had for going on 20 years. The fact that his trunk ends in a blackletter "A" is a crime against nature, but it's worth overlooking in the name of creativity.

CAPS: Like the green/gold, with and without elephant. And I am a fool for colored front panels, so that's talking to me, too. The gold cap is the best of the bunch, hands down. Not crazy about the silver-billed cap, for 3 reasons: you already have an overload of headgear in this set, the A's have the best color set in MLB with green and gold, so a 3rd color is unnecessary, and gray/silver bills never look right. (it just screams TATC to me).

JERSEYS: City Bold's an interesting choice, but it doesn't do anything for me one way or another. It's different from the MLB Block Varsity, but I don't know if it is an improvement. In all seriousness, this would be almost ready for production if the button area was left uncolored. The checkered sleeve hem striping looks really good, and NBA teams like the Cavs has shown it can work. And like you said, if ever there was a team to test this out on, it'd be the A's.

PANTS: Again, it could be done. It may need to be tuned down a tad, but it's not as out of left field as some might have you believe.

STIRRUPS/SOCKS: Yeah man! Gold sanis live!

TATC: Dude... I got nothing. Keep on being 'Scrim, we'll meet up with you when the future gets here. :P

Nice stuff.

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