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Colorado Rockies alternate


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Is this really Discrimihater under a different name?...

Wait, not "hyperactive" enough to be one of his designs. Nevermind.

On the actual design, I just don't feel it works for them. The super-thick racing stripes just don't work anymore and should be left in the past. The logo, which is simply the state flag, is on the wrong side of the jersey. And out of no where there's a black bill on the hat... which is pretty much the rest of the state flag. I understand your vision of going more with the "Colorado" aspect of the franchise, but this is not the way.

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this would be a perfect retro type jersey, very old timey feel to it. maybe for a colorado holiday or something.

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Brilliant execution, and great idea to take the state colours (and as already suggested, perfect for a special day/weekend) ... but hideous image!!! I cannot imagine any team taking the field in this ... sorry!


Thanks to Gobbi for the awesome buttons!

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The first words out of my mouth were, "my god, those are hideous." It shocks, then it shocks some more.

Aethsetic shortcomings aside, I have some comments:

Don't save in JPG format. It muddies up the concept when you save it. If you notice the blue is all pixelated. If you were wondering what was doing that it's that. Instead save in PNG format.

The front number is too small and too low. It would be barely visible or partially covered by the belt and distracting. You either need to make it a bigger part of the concept or drop it altogether.

The name plate font needs to be changed. I see the western feel and everything, but all the serifs and whatnot doesn't give with the plain 'C' of Colorado's flag. You need to match it better with a sans serif font.

The back numbers should probably not have any serifs either. As a fail safe, block numbers are perfectly fine since they go with most any concept. What gets me most is the use of the Nationals numbers. I have no problem of their use, but don't have that shadow the same color as the jersey. It makes it look like the number is incomplete. Furthermore, if you're going to use that style of number you'd probably be better served with an outline to give it a more uniform look.

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*walks back behind the woodshed*

1. MSPaint is not an excuse for shoddy artwork. People do outstanding work with very basic programs, and some people :censored: up with high-tech equipment. Don't think that a lower-end program is a built-in excuse for crappy work.

2. Chest logo is on the wrong side. By extension, so is the front number.

3. Why is the cap bill black when there isn't any black anywhere else?

4. Why is the cap button gray when there isn't any gray anywhere else?

5. Colored placket around the neck looks cartoonish. The gray lines are there as guides and hemlines, this isn't paint by number where you arbitrarily fill in blank areas.

6. Why is the blue area go to the border of the fabric in the front, but there is a white semicircle between the blue and the hem on the back? Please see #5 for a refresher before proceeding.

7. Judging by your work, the shoulder striping goes gold/red/gold (since the gold is the lower stripe on both the front and back views). But the pants stripes are assymetric red to the front, gold to the back. Why don't these match?

8. Why is the striping even thicker than it was back in the '80s when it seemed like everyone had racing stripes? Seriously, there are NFL teams that would tell you to make them thinner.

9. What team do you know of in any pro sport at the highest level that uses lowercase letters in the player name (with the acceptable exception of lowercase "a", "e" or "i" in some last names, like "LeCLAIR" or "DiMAIO")?

10. Using a number with white beveling on a white jersey defeats the entire purpose of beveling in the first place.

Honestly, how long did this take you? I'm not trying to be harsh, but this looks like you put zero planning into this whatsoever. It's ill-conceived and even more poorly executed. The flag idea could work, but not at all in the way you're going about it.

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My only complaint since this is a "CONCEPT" is make the front number larger. Just because everyone else does the left side thing for a logo does not mean it's concrete. Look at pro teams now with plain gold football pants. Great attempt but the stripes are a little too thick though. So since I totally contradicted myself, I like it. It's original and originality goes along way on some things.

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