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WFA Championship Game Logo (The Bowl MMVII)


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Alright guys, I had some time on my hands to get a little graphic design going. So, I designed a logo for the WFA Championship game (the WFA is a fantasy football league here on the boards).

So I wanted to incorporate the following elements:

1) Since the game is in London, England I used the colors of the Union Jack.

2) Since it is at Wembley Stadium, I incorporated the new arch into the design.

3) If you look at previous Super Bowl logos, they rarely have a football or the league logo in them. This states that the game is that important, so I incorporated those ideas into the design.

4) I used the custom font I did from mine and GMS1122's British Bulldogs design for the lettering.

5) I emphasized the name of the game, like the Super Bowl logos do.


So, what do you guys think? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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the word is facing one direction with the arch facingthe other. flip the arch round and itll be more intuitive.

also, as the arch is three dimentional perhaps the word could be also? rather than a plain at the moment?

it doesnt look particularly british in my opinion. i reckon you should use a different font. thick serif fonts seem american to me, kind of derivations from old west typefonts.

nice idea tho, will look good.

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Some damn good ideas there Fraser.

What sort of font would you use? The reason I have the arch and word going two different ways is a very very subtle reference to St. George's Cross and the Union Jack.

Thanks everybody for the C&C so far.

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i dont know what font but perhaps a sans font might be a slightly more generic start point?

cant think of anything particularly british?

you see what i mean about the o. it looks like its trying to face 2 directions at once.

perhaps you could ad a bit more of the union jack to it somewhere? perhaps change the colour of the arch and use that as part of it?

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Here is a revision.

1) Instead of flipping the arch, I flipped the word around. I liked the position of the arch, and I think keeping it sort of near the middle is the way to go.

2) I didn't make the letters 3d as I wanted to keep the emphasis on the arch a bit. I will go ahead and play with that if I get time.

3) I wanted to keep the thick font since it is what the team uses, and it is an American sport. Kind of a subtle hint. Plus it puts a lot of attention on the name.

4) I will also work on the color of the arch, things of that nature. I just wanted to get this composition of the logo out there.


I think it is better than the first one just because it flows better.

Also I am debuting the "new" Joshua Mings Design logo here for the first time. It is just an update of the previous logo.

So, what do ya think?

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I'm liking the logo. I like how you're using the Bulldogs font. Two quick notes:

1. For the angle and the motion you're trying to get, a little depth might help.

2. Have you messed around with incorporating the Union Jack? How did that look?

And I like the JMD logo. Looks great.

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Yeah I know what you are saying. I think I'm gonna do a pseudo-3d effect on the letters. I think I'm also going to add shading to the arch. Right now it looks a little flat.

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