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Wow. That's pretty nifty, actually. I like the fact that the "LL" in Bulls are used as nostrils. My only constructive criticism would be to move the hat from the bottom of the jersey to the top, above "Wizards".

Icebreaker, in one attempt, your son has managed to top a certain one frequent poster who has ten years on him. Not only are these cool, but with some tweaking, these would actually be useful as concepts.

(I just hope that he has other colors in his pencil / marker box besides black and light blue. ;))

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Well isn't that how we all started. I am impressed! Now dad...you need to have some quality time with the boy and some easy drawing programs. Heck maybe even get him a digital tablet. But a good sketch book and some proper colored pencils for sure.

As for C&C little icebreaker...take your time, and neatness counts.

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Keep it up wee man!!!

(Maybe he should re-do Patsox's Coca Cola jersey from his other thread....)

You need to stop.

Iceman Jr's jerseys are good as far as jerseys designed by seven year olds go. I think you should draw crests instead of writing the name on the front, though buddy.

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Thank you everyone for your words of encouragement.

The little guy is in heaven.

His latest work is below.

If I was to invest in a software package for him to work with, what would you recommend?

He's reasonably computer literate for his age. I'm always catching him surfing youtube.

And there's got to be a better way to upload images than using the digital camera.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.


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Well, you could let him use Microsoft Paint until you get him a program.

Also if your computer has a scanner you could scar his concepts and then crop so its just the actual jerseys and resize it.

About his latest creation, its pretty cool. I like the barberpole sleeves, like a lime green Ottawa senators. However, the crest looks more like a wizard than a goblin to me.

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You can go anywhere from paint, that's what a lot of people start with.

Then use some more complicated programs. I wouldn't introduce him to photoshop just yet, in fact, I'd encourage him to keep drawing them. That is how I started, just by drawing. Let him work on his hand skills before he turns to a computer.

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I started with paint a long, long time ago, reduxing all of the NFL and NHL logos in small size.

I love that Boston Goblins one. Lime Green! Fantastic!

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