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Chicago Blackhawks


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IMO the Blackhawks have always had a great look to their sweaters, and this one doesn't make what they have better, so I can't say I'm all that crazy about it.

The black circle doesn't really add anything. The current crest identifies the team so well that spelling out the name explicitly doesn't eliminate confusion, as there really wasn't any to begin with. All the circle really does is shrink the head down, so you can't see it as clearly.

The contrast coloring at the wrists and bottom of the sweater don't really do anything for me, either. It's sorta adding something for the sake of adding something, but it doesn't improve the overall appeal of the sweater. Moreover, it draws the eyes to the periphery of the sweater, instead of toward the major elements - front crest and rear player number/name.

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Possibly as an alternate. Personally, I think the secondary Tomahawk-C logo is awesome. It's unfortunate that it's not strong enough to use as an alt. logo on a third sweater. I'd like to see someone try a script logo for the third.

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