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Cleveland Cavaliers 1985 Throwbacks on Opening Night

Old School Fool

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54-34, Mavericks winning at the half.

This does not bode well for one of the teams in my signature.

That being said, I like the throwbacks. For a wacky day like this, you need wacky uniforms like these.

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I dont like those at all. Basketball is a white-at-home sport, and it really annoys me when the home team breaks out a color and makes the visitors wear white.

Agreed...hence why hockey went back to dark at home (I'm not wanting to hear the comments about equipment travel in the two sports).

Also, the Cavs have 3 unis already and don't need a throwback. And I also hate a throwback for the hell of it and not because if the xxx anniversary of a championship or 70s night or whatever else may warrant a throwback. What is needed with a 1985 road jersey to open at home when the nation just saw you in the Finals in white or navy?

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