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New Sharks Uniforms


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For this concept I wanted to make the sharks look edgier and more aggresive. I used the new colour scheme and the new logo (minus the stick) and I think that it turned out well. I also used the shark fin logo some of you may have already seen on the shoulder.

Primary Logo


Secondary Logo


Home Uniform


Away Uniform


C&C please.

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It's well executed, but it doesn't really say "Sharks" to me in terms of the striping. Now, if this team had something to do with a spider it would be awesome because that's what I thought of when I looked at the striping.

I feel like there should be some sort of striping along the bottom of the jersey or the arms of the jersey or something...

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your concept looks more to me like what the Sharks SHOULD have gone for. The Sharks' look now is one of the new ones that I absoultely, positively, and absolutely again HATE with a passion (along with the plate of hurl my Ducks wear. The duck mask is sentimental!!! Don't ditch the purple and green for colors similar to the Western Family baked beans can!!! ) This concept is one heck of an upgrade, and I think that it would propel San Jose to the top of the "flyin' and stylin'" list. I do think, however, that the stick being chomped on needs to stay. That's San Jose there. Other than that, even with the small exception, this is an A+. Great work!

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