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Fantasy logo tournament


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Fantasy Logo Tournament

--Each person will be able to submit one (1) of there own creation (no proffesional/semi pro modifications) to be entered in a single-elimination tournament bracket. These logos should be sent to me in rastor format (please no bitmap) at thornado31@insightbb.com or you can post a link to the concept in this topic.

--Once I have our total amount of logos, (depends on the intrest), first round matchups will be decided by a randomizer. I will create a bracket for the logos and our competition

--For the voting on each logo, we will use a best out of 9 format. The first team to five (5) votes will advance.

--We will continue this process until we have a winner!

If you are interested, follow step one and good luck!

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I'm assuming this is a logos-only tournament?

As complete as Tank's concept identity may be, if I may offer another suggestion, I think we should restrict this to logos only. There's plenty of other contests for the complete package, plus this makes the decisions easier, if there's less criteria to consider.

I know you have stuff worth entering STL, don't give me that. :;):

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ok... i guess i'll use this one... if i lose, i can always tell myself that my texas tequila logo was good enough to win.. i just didn't use it  :D

so here it is, vancouver lumberjack football:


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Guess I'll throw my hat in.

Colorado Goldrush

"It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings, and she's warming up now."

Why do we even bother. :P


You always give us someting to shoot for. If someone can beat you, that personis automatically the best. Oh, well.

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