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San Francisco Football


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The completion of this concept more than likely rounds out the West Coast Conference. I've done Gonzaga, Loyola Marymount, Pepperdine, Portland, Santa Clara and now San Francisco. San Diego has football, and Saint Mary's dropped football following the 2003 season. Making a concept for them isn't much of a priority right now, seeing as how the uniforms would more than likely look similar.

Anyway, the next team, the San Francisco Dons:


Not really a lot to say here, piping rather than stripes and a pants stripe that plays off the piping.

The throwback, I hope, is obvious, playing off the basketball uniforms of the day. If you don't know who #6 is, you should be smacked with a trout.

As always, I look forward to any C&C...thanks!

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You might consider Saint Mary's anyway, since they have a brand new identity this year. Only thing I can suggest for USF would be yellow pants for the home set, since the white doesn't seem to tie-in very well.

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I agree with LUM and kewp, but I'll give you a choice - either make the home pants yellow, OR make the side stripe on the homes yellow. Oh, and def. make the away side stripe green.

Other than that, it looks sharp. I love the primary

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