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My basketball league


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I figured id share these, since im bored.

My Highschool buddies and I have run a fantasy basketball league since 1995.

The Midwest Fantasy Hoops League within the past 3 years moved over to CBSsportsline.com, meaning I could devise team identities, something i druled over, and has been the main source of me getting better as a designer.

I worked with each of the teams closely on what they wanted, and tried to inject my own flair to them too.

This is what i got...

The Kansas A-Hawks- My buddy Andy went to KU, and is obviously a big Jayhawks fan, he had the ROCK-CHALK for a while, so i kinda went on that.

Kansas A-hawks

The Krisiak.

Kris is a kid who chews the Kodiak like its the antidote. In the real version, the basketball is behind the kodiak head, but i misplaced the file, but u get the idea.

The Krisiak

Guideman Ranck

Jason is a going to be guide on lake vermillion, and pretty much eats and sleeps fishing, so this is pretty self explanitory. He has me make him a new logo on the regular, this is the most recent.

Guideman Ranck

LA PubeClippers

Banned from CCSLP, Sorry fellas.

New Orleans DoberBENS

My boy Ben wanted a new look, he wanted the Dobermans. Being drunk, i heard DoberBen, we laughed, and agreed it was serendipity at its finest. He goes to NO all the time, and wanted it to look a bit 'Dirty South' Im not much for gradients, but its not bad here.

New Orleans Doberbens

Bayside Tigers

Ok, this one wont make any sence, but such are inside jokes. Anyways, my best friend Kyle wanted to be the Bayside tigers, with the evil monkey from FAMILY GUY. Why, i cant answer that.

Bayside Tigers (evilmonkeys)

Red Army

I actually made this for the New Orleans Zephyrs, but my man Chad wanted a train, so it worked out. As you see, he won it all last year, and hes quite modest about that.



This is a duo who are obsessed with sexual jokes, and their team name is based on the fable of the 'Dirty Sanchez' I wont get into what that is, but if you look at their fingers, and look closely (those arent mustaches!) youll see where im going...

Dirty Franchez

Killer Artachokes

I dont really know the kid i made this for, he was a last second filler, but he frequents Scottsdale CC (home of Tim Rattay) and wanted a new logo, not theirs. Hes sent me his picture, so i put it on the 'choke.


Dublin Russells

This is me, i change my logo and team name everytime i go on a losing streak...well i did, until i enlisted the winning prowess of Bill Russell, and have been the hottest team in the league since (thank you stephon marbury/donyell marshall)

Pretty straight forward, but remember,these logos must work at 1/8 this size for the website, so they are simple and flat for a reason.


Tell me what you think, dont, use them as your own (:P ), i dont really care, i just thought id post them!


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Well its your board...

But i did put a warning for that logo, so what more can ya do? Its AMERICA...oh wait, its Canada. :laugh:

But being the yankee i am...


Is my website...

and the PubeClippers.jpg

is the file.  

So if your curious... do the math


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