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Tampa Bay Lightning Concept


On a scale of 1-5, with 5 being best, what do you think of this concept?  

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I wanted to update the lightnings look, but I couldnt really come up with a new logo, and their current logo isnt that bad. I changed the shades of the colors the use- from that dark blue on the jersey to a more electric blue, and from the black and silver to charcoal


jersey insipired by the UW Badgers alternates

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The stripings is to distracting and they need that shoulder logo which is better then their main logo with teh state of Florida on it. Also did the logo is too drak the way you recolored it.



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i'll say this the only way i know how.

do you hate the state of Wisconsin that badly? :cry::cry:

seriously, not a big fan of the color change. tone down teh blue a little bit.


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They are called the lightning but yet noone ever does anything with lightning. I think they would look good with a san diego chargers style thing and used colors that represent lightning I don't think black and blue do that at all maybe if you threw in some yellow or something.

Man I said ing a lot in that post



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It's ok, but the coloring in the text of "Tampa Bay" and "Lightning" is different from the sleeve color. Just doesn't look right.

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what the hell is ccslc?



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I like the colors of the dark jersey, but I dislike where the striping is, especially in relation to the nameplate. The white jersey doesn't look good at all, there should be more intergration of your added "charcoal grey" color (maybe on the sleeves). The electric blue and white don't mix well together.



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