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Minor League Baseball All-star Game Logo


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Here's more of them:

California-Carolina League All-Star Game:


Florida State League All-Star Game:


Midwest League All-Star Game:


Northwest League All-Star Game:


South Atlantic League All-Star Game:


Texas League All-Star Game:


...and once again, for posterity - the Triple-A All-Star Game:


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The AAA logo is my favorite because I'm from RI, and the logo itself does a great job of showing what McCoy Stadium really looks like (if u look closely, u'll see a berm in left field, the scoreboard above it, the color of the seats as they really are; top, blue, reserved red and green sections, and, of course, the entrance tower in the middle.) Great logo. BTW, the AAA All-Star game is sponsored by Dodge, so there are some logos which feature "DODGE", in the same script, above where it says "Triple-A".

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That Texas League AS logo should be taken out behind the barn and shot.

Not a fan.

Don't mind the Carolina-California league...but WTF is the the FSL logo? Is it being sponsored by Hawaiian Punch? Good Lord mister Ford, that's awful.

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The South-Atlantic, Northwest, and the Triple A logos are all really good.

I'm not going to knock the Midwest League because it's in Cedar Rapids and I think it looks good anyways, pretty simple, pretty clean.

I'm behind OSivlerbacks when he says that Texas League logo should be shot, and you can take the California-Carolina league with it.

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Good lord some of those are rotten.

I really like the Pawtucket one. Terrific.

The Midwest in particular just ticks me off. Yuck. It's like they didnt even try. No designer came up with that. Some office intern did that in MS Word.

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