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Nashville Predators alt jersey


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I actually really like this. The grey-blue combination turned out really well. Maybe I'd remove the script from the chest-logo and make the collar blue. But that's just me. Good job overall!

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It looks great. I think it could use a gold stripe or two, nothing much. Perhaps next to the navy stripes. It still looks great without tho-nice job!
I like this sweater. I do agree that it does need a little more color to break up all the grey. But overall this is a nicely done uniform.

Gold stripes might look good but they would look odd since there's no gold in the crest. I added gold into the crest before I designed the uniform, and I thought what I have now looks better. Also, I wanted to take a different direction colorwise since they have so many unused tertiary colors in all of their logos.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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