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I figured now was as good of a time as any to get some feedback on my new logo that I'm working on. Firstly, i feel I should show the logos that I've gone through to show where I've come.

Version 1.0: Statik Designs


Can't say that I'm too proud of this one. I made it a few years ago when I had a bit of an obsession with rendering planets in Photoshop. I also decided to use a Metallica font for the Statik, and Pretendo for the Designs.

Version 2.0: Nutini Designs


Looking back it reminds me of Ritz Crackers.

Version 3.0:


The first step toward simplicity. I had this idea while taking an English exam back in high school. The idea was like the letter "n" within a bubble of thought.

Version 3.1:


Same idea only vectorized. This is what I've been using over the past couple of months.

Now, I whipped up a new idea taking elements from the past couple. I wanted to incorporate the N back into the circle, as opposed to having them as two separate elements. I kind of put the letter N inside the @ symbol. Well blah blah enough talking, here's what I've come up with.


I like what I have, but I'd like some advice on how to take it to the next level. Then I want to get some help on making a new uniform display template, but that's another story.


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you said it yourself that simple is typically better, and in this case I think the dot may be un-needed.

but i was curious, what thread is your signature referring too? I'm assuming spammy but I'm not sure about the other. Not that I don't like the kid I just find his progression from board laughinstock to valued poster interesting, and I'd love to read another chapter of it. If its not that important than oh well no big deal. Don't want to take away from the discussion of you logo either.

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I hate how all y'all got names that lend themselves well to the name of a brand. ^_^

That said...I'm liking the little circular logo thing going on there. Lose the dot, though--it does add clutter.

It kinda has that "@" feel to it, which is something I like (don't know if that's where you got the idea, but it works nonetheless).

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Okay, the consider the dot gone. (I'm not at home so refer to the post before it)

but i was curious, what thread is your signature referring too? I'm assuming spammy but I'm not sure about the other.

The other would be Mr. Beastly who was actually.... You know what, you can read the thrilling tale HERE!!

Anyway, back on topic, are there any major changes you think I could make, or is it pretty good on its own? The end of the circle is bothering me just a bit..


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