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My hockey and baseball jersey collection online


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I just passed 300,000 hits on my webshots photo gallery today. Since I haven't mentioned it beyond the link in my signature for quite some time, I thought I'd invite everyone to check it out since I'm sure there's many new members here who may not have ever visited it before.

If you haven't taken the time to check out my collection, check it out at http://community.webshots.com/user/spyboy1

I've got 20 galleries of hockey and baseball jerseys with over 1,600 photos to view. Unique to my collection are the close up shots of my patches, something I always found in short supply when I was doing my research.

If you like what you see and ever want to download the high res versions, just send me a friend request (due to webshots new policy) and you'll have the ability to save each photo in a 10 inch square size at a full 300 dpi.


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I love the commemorative baseball jerseys. I got the 1934 Cardinals as a graduation gift. I have a Braves commemorative with a 44 on the back. I will always regret passing on a Clemente commemorative with Pirates on the front and a 21 on the back. I purchased a 1967 Boston Red Sox commemorative at a thrift shop for $3, but I gave it to a neighborhood kid who moved from Boston. It was a Large and I'm an XL.

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sell me the Irbe jerseys, please

Did you find the Kansas City Blades one?

Man, I'd give anything to have the original Lightning alt. I've always liked it, but could never find one in my size.

I got my first one for $25. I only wish I would have bought the other one they had at the time.

I'm guessing you don't have kids.

One actually. He's going to have to deal with all of them when I croak.

How much have you spent on this collection?

Never ask me that. Are you trying to take the fun out it for me? I don't want to know! :D

I may never get all of my money back if I have to sell them, but at least I didn't hand all of my money over to strippers or a casino with no tangible goods to show for it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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