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Hrivnak Challenge I Voting


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Okay gang, it's time to vote for the winner of the first Hrivnak Sports Media Challenge. Remember the guidelines for voting:

* creativity

* style

* innovation

* presentation

Note that humor isn't one of the criteria. While many of the designs had some funny content, the idea is to judge the designs, not the trashtalk.

The links I provided in the poll were only to the "action" shots, for reference. For the full entries, please see the original thread.


Thanks to all the entries for making this a successful first contest.

Voting will end next Tuesday at midnight EST.

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1. Waffles

2. Payno

3. Fiasco

4. Puck

Thats my favs in order.

mine are:





also, i think both the in-game footage and the cut to commercial image should have been used.....i'm sure other contestants feel the same.....personally, i prefer my cut to commercial image over the in-game.....oh well.

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If I would have thought about it more, I guess I could have put two links in the poll. I just didn't think about multiple links. Sorry.

However, I didn't intend for users to only vote by the in-game graphics. That's why I put a link to the original thread in my post. As I said, the links were provided only for reference. I guess I wasn't clear.

* or maybe I just needed to use bullet points :D

In any case, vote for the whole package.

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My "official" vote went to Fiasco, barely edging out InTheEnd88.

In the humor department, however, my honorary vote goes to United Waffles and his tribute to Mike "Colin is my dad even though I look more like Al Roker" Powell.

Great job to all. The "serious" ones were great and the funny ones were all hilarious.

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Hey, who voted for me? I voted for someone else--but glad you either liked it, or felt pity, or clicked the wrong circle or... :D

And I too prefer my cut to commercial one-- :P

(and I never did expect to even be in the voting!)

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I voted for In the End88...

The deciding factor for me was his "in game" graphics, less busy than some others. I hate how watching TV these days is more like surfing the web. There is too much information being crammed onto the screen in every possible corner and edge.

I thought Hrivnak's Cut to commercial was the best of the bunch but he didn't even put himself on the ballot.

Overall, a good job by everyone. I look forward to seeing the competitions for Hockey, Basketball, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling etc....

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