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Golden State Warriors & Milwaukee Bucks Concepts


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I think with these two, I've improved over my earlier works... some of my other concepts seemed a little bit rushed when I looked at them again, and I decided to put a more thought and work into these two. Hopefully the effort I put into these two will show (personally, I think it does show). Anyway, on with the concepts!

Golden State Warriors

-With this one, I obviously tried to once again, blend the old Warriors design (Chris Mullin era) with the current scheme of things (Jason Richardson/Antwan Jamison). I really liked the older, simplistic look and the simple color scheme rather than the 5000 colors they use on their current stuff. So, I decided to just keep it to blue and gold as they used to, but add two other shades for contrast and such. I also really liked their original logo but felt it was maybe a bit too plain... and I like their current logo (minus the colors) but feel its a bit too busy... so I just mixed the two, used the lightning bolts and whatnot and kinda spiced up the main logo. I also really like the way "WARRIORS" is written on their logo and their uniforms, so I stayed with that, but used the old Warriors font (sorta Western looking) that used to go around the logo. Anyway, if you just compare my concept with their old design and their current, you'll see the bits and pieces I used.

Milwaukee Bucks

-Now, this one I'm very proud of. I spent a long time toying with the logo on this one. Now, first of all, credit to Avenger for the color scheme... I was really having trouble with a new color scheme (wanted to drop the purple, but keep the green), and I remembered he had recolored their current logo, which I absolutely loved, so I used two shades of Bronze along with the green... so credit to him. I also reread a lot of the old suggestions on the board, and found many people wanted them to bring back the red that used to be present... so I added that as well (turned out quite nice). Anyway, the logo represents the original idea posed by the team. If you look at their history page on Nba.com/Bucks, it says they chose the team name because Bucks are agile, fast, good jumpers, spirited, etc... and I wanted to convey that with the logo (because to me at least, their current one looks like a deer right before it's hit by a car... caught in the headlights). Also, the actual Buck on the logo is my first real logo designed in Adobe Illustrator. I've been trying and trying, spending a lot of time practicing and I think this one came out quite well (only the Buck though, I completed the logo with the text and oval/basketball with photoshop).

Anyway, please give me the usual comments and all... anything to help me improve. Thanx.

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The Warriors is awesome. The one thing I don't care for is what you like, which is the way the wordmark is done with the angle and such.

The Bucks look great as well. I have two potential suggestions though. I think you could afford to remove the basketball lines from the oval. They don't really need to be there. Perhaps just having them as highlights on the oval would be good though. On the uniform, when you tucked in the shirt the stripes wouldn't necessarily line up with the shorts. You can't really have jersey stripes go at an angle to the bottom of the jersey. They basically need to be straight so they will line up.

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As an update of the Warriors old identity, your design is not bad, Starchild, not bad at all. As a concept for the Warriors, however, I think it goes in the wrong direction. With a name like Warriors, so many cool things can be done, and I think the team has chosen one of those cool things. I may be in the minority, but I like the Warriors identity. Colourful is not bad. Artwork is quite good though (the basketball's lines are hard to get right, but with a little more fiddling, they could get there).

The Bucks is an interesting concept. A jumping deer is immediately associated with John Deere for me, and I would've chosen a different font for the wordmark, but it's a well done concept.

You're doing some real good work, Starchild. Keep it up!

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first of all. Great work. Your craftsmanship and polish are way ahead of the curve for a newbie and I for one can't wait to see what you come up with in the future.

Warriors: I like what you've done. I hate the speedskater loser they have now. But I love their colors (weird?). Your update is pretty nice.

Bucks: While I feel you on every direction, and appreciate how far this concept has come since your simple recoloring, it's just not there yet. I love the use of the lighter green. I love the bronze/tan. I love the reintro of red (although yours is too purple, I'd move it toward cinnamon to have a familial relationship with the brown). I love that green is your primary color as (duh) they should let it be.

But the John Deer logo isn't strong enough alone and the concept won't sing til it does.

Sorry, but I live a few blocks from the Bradley Center, lots of players live in my building, and nothing short of ready to implement tomorrow does it for me...and I just think this concept only pulls about a 75%. I'm sure some people on this board are the same overprotective of the Sabres or whomever they support.

Its been a wildly passionate dream of mine to help fix the Bucks since the 1993 purple menace came to town. I'd love to help out with the illustration end if you want to further this some more. You've got some great ideas. New ownership(maybe) new management, coach, players.........Its time to strike while the iron is hot.

Peace man.

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Great suggestions thus far... I'll definitely fiddle around with it some more...

For the Bucks logo, to SyPhi, Sterling... anyone else, if you guys have a suggestion for a different pose for the deer to be in other than jumping, please let me know (well, anything other than the headlights approach).

As for the Warriors... I've been toying with an idea for either just a totally different primary concept, or maybe a tertiary or something, whatever the case, just a different look... I was watching some old wrestling footage and realized that it might be interesting to use a figure similar to the Ultimate Warrior for the Warriors logo. Not with the face paint and all that, but a stylized pumped up warrior figure maybe tilted backwards a tad and pumping his palms up in the air (complete with tassles around the arms... those ruled) and then a different wordmark going across the bottom in some fashion. I'd like to know what people think of the idea and any other possible suggestions before I actually begin work on it.

I'm going to try and take the concepts a little slower now, less frequent posting and more rennovations towards the stuff I have going now. Thanx for the all crits thus far, and keep 'em coming... don't be shy. :D

"The true New Yorker secretly believes that anyone living anywhere else has got to be, in some sense, kidding."

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i prefer the Warriors concept to the Bucks one, simply becasue i'm one of the few people who believes the current green and purple would work if green was the primary. The Warriors...i've been thinking for the last few years...what the hell did they do? this...this is working. the primary logo, it's not my favorite but it's better than their current Flash ripoff


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I like the current Warriors logo but yours is real good too escpecailly the secondary.

The BUcks is ok Im not a fan of teh Font you made but I like teh color scheme.



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Starchild, you just about made me fall out of my chair when I saw those too logos. I absolutely love the Golden State Warriors logo. I like how you made it a retro/update logo. It looks great and it beats out their current logo by far. Many people didn't like their old California state outline and basketball logo but I think this brings it back with fashion.

As for the Bucks. This is a good face lift in my opinion. I like how you added that maroon/brownish color. It looks great!

P.S. The Warriors wordmark may have a little too much going on in the middle of the letters.


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