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Pirates Alt Logo


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I mostly like what the Pirates did with their uni update this year. However, their shoulder logo still bugs me. It has too much red and the pirate looks cartoonish. So I put together this simple mashup of the current alt logo (which I have never seen except of sportslogos.net) and the pirate hat of the 70's era logo.

I'm not sure which color combo works best. The plain white on black would look nice as a team flag or on the black alt jersey. I like the look of the red bandana, but it isn't a team color. While the yellow bandana fits the team colors but doesn't strike me a pirate garb.


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This is nice. I like the basic look of it, but the logo just feels a little too complicated. The teeth of the skull and the bat in particular are too intricate, IMO. I like the yellow bat, red bandana combo the most. I still can't quite see the Pittsburgh Pirates in it, but it's definitely a very nice concept.

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