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Logo Idea


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I was bored and came up with this logo...no particular sport...just a logo...please leave comments or ideas for what this could be for. :D



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Meh. Some pointers...

1) I don't like the logo overlapping the wordmark. Just my opinion.

2) I have no idea what this logo is aside that it's supposed to mean "boarders".

3) I would have the same outline around "New Jersey" as everything else.

4) I'd darken the darker (not powdery) blue to navy to differentiate more from the other, lighter blue.

5) I don't care much for the mustard yellow color. This color palette needs a bright color (e.g., bright yellow or even lime green).

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If thats supposed to be waves, you may want to define them more. If the wave overlaps the words a tiny bit it's ok, but that's too much. Darken the darker blue to Navy and I actually like the gold. Put a gold outline on New Jersey outside the white line, but make it pencil thin.

Good start!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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