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Oakland A's


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I like Oakland's set but I tried to make them stand out a little more. I changed the shade of green and added more colour.

Logos: Not too much new here other than the new colours and I took the "O" from the oakland script for a cap logo.


Home: The script stays but I added piping and tried to make it POP more.


Road: I changed what I did on the home.


Alt: A little throwback here as I have the A's logo on the green jersey and I also have the "O" cap logo.


C&C would be greatly appreciated.


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Their current uniforms have plenty of pop. They are clean, consistent, and well executed, and the lack of piping makes the uniform pop way more than this piping. Overall, I guess if you lost the chest piping it would look much better. Also, leave the A on the hat. They are called the A's, you might as well leave an A on every hat.


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I don't hate the idea of yellow surrounded by two pieces of green, but it seems to me that the Braves and Orioles already use and dark-light-dark piping scheme, and this would just look like, well, copying, I guess. The biggest problem I see with the concept is the lack of consistency between chest and arm piping. But that is just for the home and away, which aren't bad, but that alt is pretty awful. First of all that hat needs to go, the O looks like the Orioles and is very messy. Is there a white outline or not? Same goes with the chest logo, white outline or no? It needs one, or a thicker one. I hate how the chest is A and the hat is O. I don't know what it is (consistency?), I just don't like it at all. If these really were on the field, I don't think I would like the overall color balance, just the dominating amount of yellow and green with little white makes me think it will be rather ugly. I would stick with a wordmark on the alt, too.

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ow, the bright green hurts my eyes!


"That ball has a hit in it, so I want it to get back in the ball bag and goof around with the other balls in there. Maybe it'll learn some sense and come out as a pop-up next time," Mark "The Bird" Fidrych

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