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Appalachia Service Project


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Hello. My church has been involved in a mission, called Appalachia Service Project, for 20+ years. The mission involves churches sending groups to one of four states in Appalachia--Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky or Tennesee-- and crews from these groups work on repairing homes for families in severe poverty for a week. The goal is to render these homes "Warmer, Safer, and Drier". You can visit the website here: http://www.asphome.org/

It's really an incredible experience and if any of you has a chance to go, I recommend it enthusiastically.

I have been contacted by ASP to help design for a program they are calling "One More Day". After the trip, many participants wish they could spend just "One More Day" there because it is such a powerful experience. The program is a donations campaign, built around the idea that by donating a certain amount of money you are enabling another participant to spend a day there, so while you aren't there physically you are still helping others continue the work you have started. All the money would go to supplies for the homes.

I was commissioned for this with little direction; they said even if it was a strictly text-based design with no graphics/logos it would be fine. However, when thinking about this, I thought that the days of a calendar would be an effective symbol in representing how the donation enables more days of work and repair for these homes. As each crew spends five days working on a home--Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-- the design includes 5 empty squares, representing the days of the calendar spent. After these squares, however, there is a colored square which represents the day which is enabled through the donation.

Here is an example:


The design is very minimalistic, so that it can result in different color palettes; my idea is that many different colored t-shirts can be made, all with this on the front in varying colors. The design was made with different colors for different uses in media in mind.

So, that is what I have come up with thus far. However, I'd like to see what comments you guys have for it, so I'm open to all C+C.

Thanks in advance.

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I think your conceptual process and execution are both spot on. Both look very nice, and I can easily see them being reproduced in multiple ways with multiple colors. The "Month" looks so nice with the perspective (almost like we're looking "into" the future), I wonder what the "Week" would look like in the same style.

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Thanks for the comment.

My initial approach was to come up with a modern design that would look interesting before the individual knew what the design was supposed to represent. So, I guess I was trying to make a design that would make a cool t-shirt, for example, regardless of whether one knew the meaning. However, it appears the design they are looking for is one more centered on the project, and would convey ideas and symbols from the project... so, while taking the current design, I've tried to implement these symbols.

A common symbol is a hammer-- seen in the ASP official logo-


So I've take this hammer, and put it into the "One More Day" design, sort of symbolizing "One More Day" of work.


(Also, that's another color scheme-- like I said, I wanted them to be versatile and able to be used in different palettes)

For the One More Month design, I've taken the Calendar and put an image of a mountain within it (because we are working up in the Appalachians).


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the One More Month ideas look pretty solid. the only thing bugging me, especially with One More Day, is how the text overlaps with the squares...gets busy and distracting to the eyes. maybe try a stroke/offset around the text the same color as the background. or even the opposite, stroke the text with the square outline color.

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