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MLS Rebrand: Los Angeles


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I've never been that big a fan of the whole LA Galaxy identity, but when Beckham came along things really went downhill. At least what they had before had a little character, the recent rebranding has left them with a generic uninspiring logo and a blatant attempt at a Real Madrid set of kits. Neither of these are anywhere near a strong enough identity for the team, so I decided to revisit the old Galaxy and try and give it a bit of an update.

The asymmetrical element of the old logo was something I wanted to bring back, it's unique and memorable. It reminds me a lot of the crests of Swedish football teams, so I decided to look for inspiration there, and in the simple design of German clubs. I also wanted to bring in more of the old gold colour, but brightened up a little to go with the new blue. This new crest is a departure from the traditional ideas of the other teams I've rebranded, but I fancied a change and thought LA suited something a little different.


On the kits I wanted to bring back the sash design, it's a great retro element and there should be at least one club in every country who uses it. Apart from that I wanted to keep things pretty simple, and let the colours do the work of representing the team. I stayed with adidas because I saw no real reason to change. I've taken a few liberties by giving them a new sponsor, I have no idea if Subway would ever sponsor an MLS team but the Herbalife logo on the shirts wasn't doing much to raise credibility. And before anyone takes issue with the team name, "Galaxy" is just plain awful. And if you've seen any of the other concepts in this series, you already know I can't really be arsed thinking up great new names.


Well that's it for another rebrand! C&C is always much appreciated, I get the feeling I'll need a few more revisions of this before it's complete. Cheers for your time!



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I really like this a lot. There is no doubt the sash needed to come back. Well done there, especially how it goes all the way around. The logo bothered me for a second, what with all the asymmetry and off-center "LA", but I rather like it now. It is really simple (props), and I love how you put the 95 in there. I'm enjoying everything about this from the sponsor choice to the colors, well done my man. Question, though; did you try outlining the name and number in Gold on the Blue kit? It seems like you should, but at the same time the Gold might take some "pop" away from the White on Blue. Keep up the great redesigns, I appreciate that you are putting a lot of time into them.

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I like this a lot too. Just like eRay, when I first saw the logo something looked off. But after really looking at the logo, it's a nice tie to the past while going away from the Galaxy name and still keeping the design simple. I love that you brought the sash back, I've always thought that they needed it. What I do like about their current identity is the colors. I'm debating with myself whether this would look better with your blue or the current navy but after thinking about it for a while, I think that your color choice is better. Somehow I missed your other redesigns, but I'll look out for the rest of the them.


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Question, though; did you try outlining the name and number in Gold on the Blue kit? It seems like you should, but at the same time the Gold might take some "pop" away from the White on Blue. Keep up the great redesigns, I appreciate that you are putting a lot of time into them.

Yeah I did try the gold outlines. It's one of those weird things, especially when reversing out the colours of a home kit, that you think should work but just looks a little off. It didn't look right at all with gold around the white. With a blue outline between both (white > blue > gold) the number looked really good, but the same didn't work for the name. So rather than try to force it, I went with the simple option.

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At first glance of the crest, I hated it to be honest. It just looked off for some reason.

But, much like those above me felt, after really letting it sink in it grew on me. Instead of looking like things are randomly placed, everything was carefully thought out.

Love the jerseys, no complaint there, and I love how they wrap around the back.

The one thing that really bothers me is the colors. I think their current colors are some of the best in the MLS (probably second to Colorado) as I love me some navy and yellow.


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I guess I'm just echoing what everyone else has said... the badge looks a lil off at first, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. It has a 1980's LA feel and modern european feel at the same time.

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the colors

I love the current ones, not so much these softer ones.

the uniforms

very cool!

the sash, simply awesome! - maybe a tad too bold tough.

distinctive visual element, mostly in connection with Riverplate (just with the Boca colors...)

shame they did away with it almost completley (on the current away jersey it is watermarked)

I like your home and away color combos. (gold/blue and blue/gold)

the sponsor is fitting with the colors obviously.

Nice add on for the logo to appear on the shorts "belt" and on the back of the jersey

the logo

From the current logo I love the Quasar, but not the other elements including the letters, especially the "unfinished" A.

I don't mind the old logo outline, however I'm no fan of basically everything in the circle (95, too boldish sash, non centered lettering). good visible LA letters + smaller Galaxy letters and a Quasar would be my choice. But that's just personal taste. I appreciate your MLS rebranding efforts :)


could you do the uniforms with the amercian flag on the opposite sleeve of the MLS logo, aswell as using the MLS font, this looks like the EPL font to me.

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