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Los Angeles Clippers


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First off, I would like to thank everyone who gave me tips and put me on the right path. I would also like to thank gingerbreadmann for making those awesome tutorials. I worked very hard on this until I thought it was acceptable to present and I am very proud of my work.

I actually don't think the Clippers logos are horribly bad, just bad. But there's just something about the cheesy-ness of their logos that makes me like them deep down. Really what I did was just to get my feet wet before I completey dive into designing. So I updated the logos, fixing the basketball while still trying to keep its awkward charm and tweaking the colors very, very slightly. I tried to make it a little modern while still keeping it retro. I didn't want to do uniforms, I'll do those after I get some advice on this.


Not exactly sure what kind of reaction this will get. Just holding my breath. Comments or criticism?


thanks to crkraider22

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No offense to your work, but I think the only charm the Clippers have ever had in any logo would reside in this baby!


And with that said, the best revision I?ve ever seen of this logo would have come from Conrad.

Conrad's Version

So please please please get rid of the b-ball and incorporate some type of Clipper ship into it!

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I'm a huge Clippers fan (you won't hear that phrase too often haha), and I honestly think that if you're going to create a new logo for them, you've got to overhaul their identity. Because their logo sets has nothing to do with anything related to the word 'Clipper', it doesn't make much sense to just modify what they already have.

That being said, what you did make was a very nice update, clean and professional-looking. The problem is that it still doesn't say 'Clippers' anywhere but the wordmark.

p.s. Anyone ever noticed that a 'clipper' and a 'laker' are both classes of ship?

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I like what you have done here. If they really want their logo to stay what it is, then this update works, but if they want to actually have a clipper ship, then you still have some work. I love the font by the way though!.

Also, anyone remember this?

Here are the logos, uniforms should be up soon. Wasn't sure if i wanted the clipper boat in front of the wave or behind the wave. I improvised on my original paint Clippers concept.



EDIT: Fixed sizing of boat and wordmark on logo:



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Altho I see that Dodger says hes putting this Clippers concept aside for awhile I like what he's thinking here. The ball could use some fixing since the lines are so far apart, but at least you got rid of that extra line that for some reason the current logo has. I know there have been many attempts by people to redo the Clippers logo since most seems to hate it, but I like the Clippers logo other than that line issue. Who cares if it looks like the Lakers in style and arrangment. Theres a simplicity to it that makes their logo unique and a rebrand would loose that 'awkwardness that gives it charm' like Dodger said. I like its cheesiness and since it is the Clippers I like it. Like the old old Pistons logo which I love. Also for the one Josh cat eyes posted, I just cant picture that being used by an NBA team. It is good, dont ge me wrong, but the top and the bottom portions of the logo just dont interact enough for me. Looks like 2 logos in one. I think the Clippers have to keep their logo, their jerseys looks awesome in my mind. I do like josh cats eyes secondary and tertiary logos. I think those whoud looks great for the CLippers if the colors were changed. maybe on their jerseys or on their court.

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