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Decorating NHL Helmets?


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I've never understood why the NHL does the "white helmet at home" bit. I know a lot of college teams just use one helmet. Match the helmet color to the pants, and just go with that.

The Avalanche wore black helmets at home for the first few home games of the 96 season, I believe. Looked ridiculous.




Really? Ridiculous?

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I like the dark helmet with the white jersey - if the team has colored shoulders or sleeves. I like that Avs look, and I like most of the Olympic looks. White helmet with dark jersey also doesn't look horrible IMO.

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I think every NHL team puts something on there, it's just not very prominent. I love that Red Wings wordmark and I'm glad they use it there. When I was little I thought it'd be a good idea to put wordmarks behind the goal lines like football endzones, but I suppose it would be extraneous clutter.

It would be a good idea but end board art = loss of ad $$$.

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Another problem I thought of... check out these photos.

While NFL teams wear the same helmet for every game (remember the league nixing the Texans' plan, I think it was, to have two helmets), NHL teams have home helmets and away helmets. They're not really "iconic" parts of the uniform, and the point behind having two helmets is to help distinguish between teams on the ice. Stripes might ruin the effect.

NFL teams are starting to have more then one helmet. The Bills use two helmets now, the normal red and the white helmet when they wear their throwbacks, which is usually 3 times a year.

I'd hardly call using a throwback helmet with a throwback jersey having multiple helmets as it's part of a completely different graphic identity. Despite the Bills using a throwback helmet for certain games, they still have just one helmet between their home and away jerseys.




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