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NCFA-B: Condulmer Hall (Gregor Mendel University)


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I've been fooling around with Sketchup again...

This isn't finished, but I'm working on the home of the Yellowjackets of Gregor Mendel University. I don't have the logo yet, but colors are pretty much set (though not necessarily these shades).

Presenting, Condulmer Hall, so far.



Critique and comments are always welcome.

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Sounds like a good idea to me, Josh. lol

That said, without any architectural background, it looks good, different, but good. My only concern is the people in the upper level won't be able to see near the base of the basket due to how wide that walkway is.

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Okay, so I made a few edits, to placate the masses.

1) New roof, so we don't need as thick walls.

2) The padding that I should have put in there the first time is there now.

3) We've raised the upper deck to alleviate concerns about the baskets - I'll add the stairs in later.



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