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No Salt Lake team? :(

Lol, I think the colors and names are pretty nice. I think my two upmost suggestions would be to drop the lime green from both Seattle and Pittsburgh. I just don't think it works with the colors you gave for both teams. It'd clash I think with the other green you already have for Seattle and I think is too light for Pittsburgh. I'd suggest maybe changing Seattle's to like a metallic blue (like the Dallas Cowboys) or silver, and maybe change Pittsburgh's to a darker green, like Kelly or Forest green. Other than that, it's looking good!


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I like the name for the Carolina team, but the colors blend too much. If anything, the colors would turn out more as a gradation instead of serving as a contrast from one another. I'd suggest sand, the Carolina Panthers' blue, and possibly orange to serve as an accent. That would look great IMO, and it also keeps with the trend of using blue throughout most Carolina sports teams.

I'd also drop the green from Pittsburgh and maybe replace it with a dark purple, and just use black as an accent.

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Nice start so far, but I have some suggestions for alternative names:

Los Angeles Villains (you know, like Hollywood movie villains)

New York Emperors

Minnesota Marauders

Birmingham Blitz

New Orleans Jokers

Memphis Kings

St. Louis Archers

Portland Prowlers

Seattle Steelheads

Orlando Riptide

Pittsburgh Forge

Philadelphia Brawlers

SLC Punks

Phoenix Scorpions

Boston Shamrocks

It wouldn't hurt to also bring back some of the defunct AFL/AF2 teams as well, like these:

Chicago Bruisers

Detroit Drive

New Jersey Red Dogs

Charlotte Rage

Miami Hooters

Albany Firebirds

St. Louis Stampede

Washington Commandos

Milwaukee Mustangs

New England Sea Wolves

Oklahoma Wranglers

San Diego Riptide

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Ok thanks for the help guys.


Pittsburgh's Green to Purple.

Changed New York's name from Nightmare to Emperors.

Added Salt Lake City Miners.

Changed NO Storm to Jokers.

Changed Carolina's colors to panther blue, orange, and copper.

Boston is now the Shamrocks.

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I think this is going to be a cool concept, the few things i would change would be the colors for the LV Aces to black, red and white (like a deck of cards) and i would like to see the name of the Detroit team changed to something that has more to do with the city ie: mustangs or wheels i also liked the idea of bring back the name drive.

One more thing, i have noticed that some of the teams have similar or the same colors as their respective nfl teams which is ok but i hope you go original on the unis and dont modle them after the nfl ones, just a concern of mine :grin:

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