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Hey all. I've done a quick search to see if there was a topic like this and I didn't see one. Anyway, I'm a huge movie fan and recently I dabbled in making posters with photoshop. I'm still very much a novice so please excuse the poor execution. I wanted to make a grindhouse-style poster for Star Wars. I called it 'Princess Dynamite' because it seems like a very 70's name for an expoitation movie. I used the rebel blockade runner space ship because so many posters of the era have a Chevelle or some other type of muscle car on them. I found a picture of Billy Dee Williams from another 70's movie and put him on there. I somehow found a picture on the internet of one of the old guys from the muppet show dressed as a pimp. I took that and put Yoda's face and hands on the body. In the background, I put the distinctive Star Wars explosion to go along with the name 'Dynamite'.


Please if anyone else has made a movie poster, I'd love for you to post them here. Thanks for looking.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread but I did nothing today but make these two Star Wars grindhouse posters. The first one I did is called The Revenge of Han Solo. I don't know if you can see it but the music is by John Williams and Curtis Mayfield.


The second one is Don't Call Me Boy! I figure Luke needs some respect. Music by John Williams and Ennio Morricone(The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly).


Hope you like em cause I sure had fun making them.

Remember post any posters you've done in this thread.

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I once made a poster for a movie called "Cold Fury" starring Sidney Crosby for my desktop publication class in 10th grade, but unfortunately my teacher was insane and made us make it in actual size, so the file was really large and froze the computer whenever I tried to size it down, and I was never able to open it on a different computer. Since then, the file has been lost, as well as my only printout of it.

I'll try to re-create it from memory.

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not a movie poster but hope band posters are ok.

We don't discriminate here. All posters are welcome. That band poster is awesome, enotsdesign! Can I ask you where you got that background grungy paper from? I really like it.

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