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Hartford Whalers


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It doesn't seem like I did much but the stripes have been cleaned up a helluva lot so that they don't look out of proportion like on their real vintage jerseys. That and some others tweaks were done. I think silver could help but I don't like how it was utilised when it was initiated into their scheme the first time around. Silver was overused and this time I wanted to make sure that didn't happen.


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Another version...


I am feeling Whaler-Crazy these days, I don't know why.

The jersey has been updated so that the home and road have consistent striping patterns. I sort of did a mix and mash with both jersey eras while maintaining a nice sleek look. Now I'm pleased with the final result.

I thought about putting the untouched classic logos for the crest, but I felt that this updated version is good the way it is.

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A lot of people at this time are crazy about the defunct teams, The Maroons timeline, the Jets timelines, some Nordiques stuff and 1 or 2 Whalers. I've noticed the concepts board is getting full of em.

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