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Anaheim Ducks 3rd Jersey Logo


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Wow thats awesome man I like how theres a hidden "AMD" for Anaheim Mighty Ducks, a tribute to the former team name. It should however, incorporate some of their orange IMO, right now it looks too bland.

I'm not seein the AMD anywhere....


Thanks Dolphins91 for the jersey avatars.

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Okay, so it might be 1 a.m. after working hours on end with new people who have no clue whats going on or it might just be awesome, but I love the idea behind this. The ends of the sticks are looking mighty close to a landing ducks feet the way theyre situated. With some honing this could be really great. First off, the current ducks logo (which I feel should be complemented by a 3rd jersey logo, not competed with) has no real straight lines in it, all are curvy, but come to points. The wings of your logo just look too straight, too rigid. I would ditch the 'A' for an actual ducks head, that would really get the incoming duck feel going. There are ways to subtly hide an A into that I'm sure, and you know us CCSLC folks, we love those hidden gems. I would throw some orange into the sticks, maybe add a few shadows that hint that they might be sticks-they might be feet, and keep the sticks poking out from the top for now, just too see if it would still look good. I think a first glance "duck with stick behind it" turning into "wait, are they sticks or feet?" would be great. This has great potential, keep at it.


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Looks good so far. I'm really liking where this one is headed.

But yeah, it definitely needs more colour. The 'A' needs fixing as well: I actually had trouble noticing it at first... this may sound daft, but for some reason it looked like a weird egg when I first saw it. Perhaps you could make the 'A' larger to fill up the black space? Or better yet, replace the A with a duck head.

Can't wait to see how this idea develops :D


PotD: 24/08/2017

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