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A few years back I rolled out an elephant head logo here, and it was about high time I let it out of its cage again. Without further ado...



the home has wide two-color pinstripes, the away uses similar piping (which some would compare to the White Sox roads or the Rangers, but oh well). The alts are both vests, one version being gold with green/white stripes and Oakland on the front (mainly because I've always liked that particular script), the road alt has the A-elephant on the left chest. The more I think about it though, I may wanna add a green alt later on. Anyways, discuss.

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These are really nice! I like the elephant head, and the double pinstripes are very unique...I've never seen that before. I just have a few critiques. First, I would flip-flop the green and yellow on the alternate. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow jersey...maybe for BP, but not in games. Also, on the hats I would just have a yellow outline on the "A" like in the "A and elephant" logo and drop the green in between.

Nice work!

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JNutini: thanks, I figure many of us see the A's as our go-to team when we wanna do something more out there than usual.

logodude & Bmac: thanks man

scottysprings: I thought about simply going with the existing caps, but figured a gray outline on the road caps would either not be as noticeable or at least go over better than the gray billed cap I tried a few years ago. eh well, like they say about Dempsey, I tried :censored:, not all of it's gonna work. :D

mbannon: as I mentioned, I'm considering putting together another alt jersey or two, if I do one'll definitely be green.

illwauk: nah, he'd only be proud if the word "Athletics" was nowhere near the uniform and the elephant was instead a mule ;)

Generic: I may do weird :censored:. I may unwittingly churn out the occasional piece of garbage that even I think sucks the morning after. Never let it be said, though, that I don't try to release the flyest concepts possible.

kbaker: I'm going on precedent, actually...I recall one season where all three of the A's jerseys read Oakland in Blackletter (a bit before they switched to pullovers), as well as my own precedent (the yellow jersey I released with the first version of my elephant also read Oakland, albeit in green instead of white)...and as I mentioned, I simply like it this way.

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