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I actually prefer the original number font. Thought it was simple yet modern.

One thing I will critique, though, is the thickness of the horns on the helmet. They're incredibly fat. I'd thin those out quite a bit.

I'm with you on that one. From what I can see right now, it looks as if the two horns join in the middle of the forehead. To reduce this effect, thinning out the lines is your best bet.

I actually believe that you could get away with using their current number font instead, it'd be a nice fit.

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1. Post more examples of numbers from your first number set. 1 and 4 aren't always the best representative of a font. At least give us a 3 and a 2 so we can all have a better idea of what it really looks like.

2. The updated numbers look like a stock MS font. I'd go back to the first one (provided you show more of it) or keep the one they currently use, just without the outlines.

3. If you're going to have a white stripe on the yellow pants, you should probably put white somewhere else on the jersey, like around the horn (just one side though. This could also apply to the helmet - one side outline of white. They play in a dark, dull, dreary, dome - while the no-white uniforms may look great in bright light, they'll probably look drab in the dome. Either ditch all white or add to all parts.

4. Speaking of the sleeve horns, they're simply impractical in this era. Go with "arches", similar to what they use now. the sleeve horns are a good idea, they just can't work (on the field anyway) these days. They'd only look good on replicas.

5. Flip the ram logo on the pants.

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I'd love to see those thick horns posted on a real helmet so I could get a better idea of what they would look like; I think they would look great actually.

A couple of suggestions:

- I would use a white nameplate instead of a gold one.

- BBtV is right, you should post different numbers to get a better idea of the font (besides, Bradford is number 8 anyway ;))

- I think you should incorporate some white into the home uniforms, like I said, I'd change the nameplate or maybe add a thin white stripe on the pants or a thin outline on the sleeve stripes.

- I've never liked the Rams in any color pants other than yellow/gold, but that's just a personal preference, the blue pants don't look bad, I just prefer yellow.

I think these look pretty good. Like I said, I'd really love to see those horns on a real helmet; I think they'd look great.

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i think the doubles horns is too much, I'd go with the arches on the sleeve. I would make them resemble the gateway arch though, wider at the bottom than the top. I would also stay consistant with the sleeve colors. Either make them match the jersey color or make them blue with a gold arch. Also, the thin stripe on the socks would look weird in reall ife, so I'd remove it. Also, I think a font similar to the script would look better than block, and if you do a new font, Bradford is #8

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It's been suggested by some on here that you could add a white accent to the helmet horns to match the current primary logo. That would allow you to add a thin white stripe next to the yellow stripe on the home jersey and next to the blue stripe on the pants. If you did that along with the white nameplate and just kept the yellow pants for both sets, this would be PERFECT in my opinion.

The sleeve horns are just to hard to get looking good with today's short sleeves.

One thing is for sure though, the Rams need yellow back to replace that god awful 49er color.


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