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MLB Teams in Football Uniforms


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Ok, so I decided to start a concept. I'm not very good with designing my own uniforms on Paint or Inkscape, so I'm using NCAA Team Builder for this. In other words, I'm cheating. But anyway, I'll start with the New York Yankees which will probably be my most boring and easiest team in this series. At least I hope It'll be a series, if you guys absolutely hate it I may just scrap the entire concept. Another thing, there are no alternate jerseys so just ignore them. With no further ado, here are YOUR Neeeww Yooork Yankees!

Home with white pants-


Home with navy pants-


Road with white pants-


Road with navy pants-


NEW: Gray with navy pants and navy helmet (only gray jersey combo)


C&C appreciated.


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I like team builder only and just ONLY because it's the most innovative in the whole "create a team" feature. Well, as far as EA Sports goes, anyway.

But even so, it's still pretty limited. The number of jersey styles is pretty good. The number of pants styles and helmet styles is ok. But just THREE number styles? And no way to edit the socks? C'mon!



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2. Toronto Blue Jays

Alrighty then, on with the concept! This time, there is an alternate home uniform but no alternate road, so just ignore that. Remember to hit the custom logos box. With that I give you the football uniforms of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Home: Blue jersey, white pants


Home: Blue jersey, blue pants


Road: White jersey, white pants


Road: White jersey, blue pants


Home: Black jersey, white pants


Home: Black jersey, blue pants (black jersey, blue pants, white helmet very unlikely combo)


Hope you like, C&C welcome as always.


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3. Boston Red Sox

This one, IMO, is the best one yet. I tried to use a red helmet and a navy helmet, but the red helmet didn't work out so now I've got two navy helmets. I know the number font is the same as the last two, I'll try to mix it up with the Orioles, but anyways here are the Red Sox.

Home: Red jersey combonations (top left or bottom left are primary combinations)


Road: White jersey combinations (top right or bottom right are primary combinations)


Home: Navy jersey combinations (top right or bottom right are primary combinations)


Comment away!


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i love all the concepts but my only concern is that there are two many alternate jerseys for all the teams, but great concept

The only team with an alternate jersey so far is the Blue Jays.

???????????? the Yankees have 8 jersey options, how all all those not alternates?

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