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I've completely redone the Dolphins here, with sleeve accents and pants striping based on the sun in their primary logo, a new number font without drop shadow, and the "M" from the primary is now actually used on the helmet. I have a wild alternate made for this that traditionalists are going to openly weep at, but I'm debating whether or not to post it. Until then, comments?


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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I am sorry Lights Out I don't like it at all as a Dolphins fan. The Dolphin jumping is too traditional on the helmet to be replaced. This is fine for a AFL team or a UFL team but not a NFL team.



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Yeah not feeling this one. You gotta have the dolphin on the helmet. And the sun-themed striping is a bit much. It would be interesting to see an alternate with the "M" on the helmet, like the dolphin wears in the logo, but it's just too radical a change for a team that has had essentially the same look for 40+ years now.

Bonus points for referencing the touchdown song in the topic though. "And when you say Miami, you're talking Super Bowl(every 4-5 years when we host it :P 0)!"

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