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Pat Tillman Patch Concept


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I do think that the NFL has a "Man of the Year" award. I think it would be very appropriate for them to name the award after Pat Tillman, except that it might trivialize his courage, sense of duty and sacrifice.

I mean, giving the award to someone who simply visits children in a hospital (not to minimize that) named after someone who made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us could continue with our fairly trivial pursuits - would it be saying enough about Mr. Tillman?

Except the NFL already named the Man Of The Year award after Walter Payton.

Maybe they can create a Pat Tillman Courage award.

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One thing that the NFL might do is use some design and make a decal/sticker of it and put it on the back of the helmets of all of the teams. If they do this, I'd think they'd use something like the red/white/blue ribbon with #40 on top of it.

Good luck with the concept. I think that it's great!

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