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Uhh.. Similarity?


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Now I'm not trying to call anyone out here, but I saw this logo while my girlfriend was on her facebook and I had to stop her, steal her laptop, and post this.

This is the logo of AOL's Fanhouse, which launched in January 2009.


This is Fraser Davidson's newly updated logo, which simplified his previous logo.


I was just like "woah" when I saw this. I thought it was his at first, but I guess nobody on my girlfriend's facebook is cool enough to link to him.

Like I said, I really think this is pure coincidence but wow.


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I really don't think this is anything to get excited about. Sure, many of Davidson's logos have been stolen before, but this one is unlikely. It's similar, yes, but nothing is too obvious enough to prove it was stolen.

Just in case, does anyone know anything more about this coincidence?

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huh, that is similar?! had never seen that logo before, nor heard of fanhouse. just a case of coincidence i suppose.

shame i didnt know about this 6 weeks ago. ive since redone all my branding across 2 websites and 2 reels. im not about to change it now.

i guess it seems less obvious on the sports logo version of the monogram (below). only subsequently started using black and white for main mograph logo.

for the record i have used iterations of that logo since 2006.

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We all know that you didn't steal the logo, and that you are a strong enough designer to never have to steal a logo or even borrow. However, if I had no idea who you were, and saw both logos (and assuming I lent more credibility to AOL since they're a huge company, even though that doesn't always mean that they're not guilty of ip theft) I would think that you ripped it off. Please don't take that as being harsh - I've been on these boards for 6 years so I know the truth, I'm just saying that if I didn't, I would think that it is too close in style, even if not close to being exact.

Now of course you are an established designer with your own established brand, so I doubt that any of your clients or prospective clients would ever even think twice about this, so it probably doesn't matter one bit.

For the record, I remember the last graphic that was just posted and IIRC you put up a poll or asked for opinions about what direction to go in for your new logo. While I don't remember all of the choices, I do recall that I felt that there were several better options than the one that was picked (of course the logo represents you and not me, so obviously your opinion is what counts there.) Again, please don't take this as bashing, just an opinion.

"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."

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Just came across the fanhouse site tonight and thought 'FD'?? Had to search here for this thread.

It does suck for Fraser. It could have been a case of accidental copying. We've all done it. An image sticks in your mind and you recreate a form of it. Or just simple coincidence.

But I think as a designer- this should serve as 'benefit of the doubt' in the case of being trigger happy vs other designers. I've seen it a lot here where if another artist has a similar design they're quick to bring up lawsuits. With a million designers... things are going to look alike. Most of us have similar inspiration- being one another. Just something to keep in mind.

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well, its not like either of them are particularly original, there are similar things i liked in the two first 'los logos' books.

it was actually the mill logo that i took as reference when i first deigned mine.


here are some more:





I tend to update it slightly every year or so and Ive actually worked up a slightly different version already so when I do my next reel, it wont look too much like the fh logo.

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