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Embossed Logos- Requests?


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not trying to threadjack but i actually did this concept a few years ago... much better IMO. you shouldnt just use the same amount of emboss for every logo... some require more than others and some need more lighting effects, layers, etc. i think you need to put more time into each one rather than pasting the layer style over and over again.



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@ goforbroke: Idk, something about yours seems off. I think because the entire logo is embossed (Devils) you lose a lot of detail. My idea is to make the details pop by literally "popping" them, while shadowing the background.

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These are pretty cool. Any chance I could get these Ohio State logos?


I need the "The Ohio State" one in large form. It's too small right now. The O I can get from CCSL

Just do the O. I didn't feel right about asking for two in the first place. One will be plenty. Thanks.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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