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MInnesota Vikings - The Color Purple


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I discovered this a few days ago, but haven't had time to address it yet - the Minnesota Vikings have modified their Purple AGAIN. By my count, this is the fifth different Purple they have used (I'm referring to print colors, not fabrics). Here's the color scheme prior to 2010:


Now here's the new palette:


The Purple has changed, along with the official color description for the "Flesh" color in the logo. I guess they're trying to be a bit more politically correct by calling it Tan.

As I mentioned, this color change only affects the print version. The textile color has NOT changed. They are still using the same proprietary Reebok fabric color they've used since 2007.

Here's the progression - as I've been able to put together - of the various Purples used by the Vikes since their inception in 1961:


All NFL teams used custom match inks prior to circa 1980...this example is a very close match to an official Style Guide I have from that era.


Once Pantone colors were implemented, they used the above color.


A fairly radical departure from previous shades, I think.


When the helmets first starting (finally) matching the uniforms.


A much more purpley Purple. Less Blue, more Red.

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How does this new purple compare to the Ravens' purple? Didn't they used to be the same?

Neither shades of Purple that the Ravens use have ever been used by the Vikings:



Baltimore uses one Purple for their logos, and a darker one for their uniforms.

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The first Vikings purple is the best one. Strong purple, not effeminate, distinct from the Lakers' purple.

I'm glad you mentioned the Lakers:


Here's a fun fact: both the Lakers and the Vikings use the exact same Reebok fabric color for their uniforms. So even though their print colors are different, they're both using the same on-field color.

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Textile too? I swore they were darker than the regular ones. Is it just the helmets that are the closer to the older shade of purple?

It could be the finish on the helmet...I don't know. Some of the mini-helmet aficionados could probably answer that better than I can.

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A much more feminine purple too.

(insert some lame joke someone will try to force about Favre being feminine or something stupid like that.)

I was think more of the bandwagon jumping nickname used around here often...The ViQueens.

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