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Hockey Helmets


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Yeah, brain damage is like the new black...it works with everything.

Got a speeding ticket? Brain Damage will get you out of it.

Need a hot chick that loves cripples? Brain Damage baby, it'll do it.

Personally, I wear a helmet with a slightly tinted visor (sensitive eyes). My helmet is the Nike Bauer 4500 like the first pic, it's black and the visor is this...



With the size and speed of today's game as well as how big equipment is nowadays...wearing a helmet is key. I hate that people call visors a wussy shield, it isn't. Ask the guys that lost partial sight in an eye because of a puck or stick that hit them there and would have been ok if they had a visor. Sure you can get hurt by one (ask Kevin Stevens) but maybe they need to make a helmet fit proper so it is safe for the person that wears it and there are no gaps or ways to hurt anyone else.

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I would inverse your order at the top. I feel that the 6K is a nice modernization of those glorious old CCM helmets. That Nike Bauer one you wear looks like a block sitting on someone's head.

This is what I wear:


with this


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I believe it's a 7500. Whatever it is, with that visor, in black, it is a downright sexy helmet.

However, I've always actually really liked Selanne's Jofa bucket with a visor:


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When the Mission Carbster came out, I always thought it looked pretty awesome. I think Anson Carter might've been the only guy in the league to wear it:



Like GFB, I wear the Bauer 5000 (mine's before the Nike merger)

However, the best hockey helmet ever is clearly this one:


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