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After a few months of playing around in Inkscape, I think I finally feel comfortable enough with the program to try out a concept. I thought doing a yeti logo would be fun because nobody has actually seen one, so I can pretty much interperet it any way I want. For the colors I considered just black and light blue, but I like the dark green better. This definitely isn't the final product, I'm just looking for some help and tips from other designers to improve my work. What needs to be changed to make this a great logo? C&C please!


I may work on alternate logos in the future, and maybe wordmarks if I get the hang of it.

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You should move the peak of the head up or change the look of the back. The back of the head looks like a neck. When you see the neck, it makes you think the logo is turned, and once you turn it so that the neck is straight, then it just looks like an albino Mr. Sandman yelling.


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I played around with this some more and came up with an update. Tried to make it more aggressive-looking and fix the neck thing that Silent Wind of Doom was talking about. Improvement? Any changes that should be made?


And LMU, I just may have to see what I can do!

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First off, great idea to make the switch to Inkscape. It looks like you're getting the hang of it (love the personal logo by the way, really clever).

I think that you could probably do without the watermark, it's kind of distracting in the first place and you've already 'branded' your template, but it's totally up to you.

The logo looks great for a first try, but I can tell you're working reaaaally small here. Hit the zoom out tool a bit and see if you can notice these small notches and highlights from a distance, they'd probably get lost, dispite the great work you put into them. Just simplify and work bigger and you'd be able to solve this issue.

Your outline is also crowded with little edges in the stroke, it looks a bit sloppy. I tend to use the rounded off Cap option for busier shapes, seen here: strokes.png

The overall shape is really awkward, especially with the back of the neck. You're better off with the head itself.

Keep at it CAB, you've got something going here.

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