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Nunavut Narwhals


How does our (Zoneranger and Steve-O) logo compilation look?  

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Here's a logo that my good buddy Zoneranger came up with: (Narwhals are whale type creatures that have a tuskish thing on their nose)


And here is the logo we adapted from it. It's for a request on the request board.


What do you think of Zonerangers and I logo creation? How'd we do?

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Pretty cool. Walrus, you did that logo a favor.. very nice, crisp and clean work on it.

The "marooning" of the logo is an interesting choice. Seems liek a red color in the middle fo the two would 'pop' better, but thats just me.

Nice work.

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I posted this below on the request board--but thought I'd add it here--Thanks in advance if anyone can help... (And yes as posted above I like the logo a lot)


I have an additional request--the size these are is great for the end zone--I combined city of Walrus's cleaned up log--and added Zoneranger's first wordmark, and it looks good--I'll have to post it--

BUT when I went to resize it for the midfield, main logo, and helmet, it got squished llooking, or chubby...

SO caould someone please resize this without distortion so I can use it in paint for those things?

The midfield size is 256 x 256 pixels, the main logo is 128 x 128 pixels, and the helmets is 256 x 128 pixels---

here's a helmet template to give you an idea how small i need it-


The narwhal's is yellow though, with no stripe...


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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