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Cleveland Browns


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Pretty cool concept i had after i saw this alternate Sacremento Kings logo. I changed the colors and modified it to look like hes wearing a football jersey not a basketball.


I also used the slightly modified version of the old prototype CB logo.


Here is what i came up with for the uniform.



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I mean I guess it looks alright, but uhhhh why would a Lion be the logo....?

The same reason a dog would be a logo for the Browns. Just to have a logo for the Browns.

Sorry but that's not a good enough reason. That's the graphics equivilent of a kid saying "because" when asked why they did something. For any logo to succeed, and especially one where there is already a well established identity, there has to be a strong and overiding reason for EVERYTHING done in the logo.

Right now you've got a half decent illustration of a lion and made it brown to fit, when what you should have done is come up with a mascot that IS the Cleveland Browns, or at least have a list of cohesive reasons why the Browns should be represented by a lion when there is already a team in the NFL called the Lions.

So yeah, obvious brand infrigements aside I think you need to come up with a better reason than "cos it's cool" to throw away the DECADES of association that the Cleveland Browns have with their nickname the Dawgs.


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Yeah I mean the dog makes sense because of Hanford Dixon referring to the Browns end zone fans as the "Dawg Pound" and the name just stuck. I hope you would know that the dawg logo isn't just for the hell of it... And for the record, youre the only browns fan I've seen even suggest that we move away from our traditional Orange helmet with brown and white striping. I don't like the concept because it pays no attention to what the organization is built on, which is tradition. And if you're going with a brown jersey, you're gonna need to have white numbers or else watching games on TV would be unbearable. /rant

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That alternate logo you refer to is the NBA's Sacramento Kings, not the NHL's Los Angeles Kings. The Kings use a Lion as an alternate because the Lion is the "King of the Jungle." It makes no sense for the Browns to be represented by a Lion. Sorry, bro.

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