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Griffins (AHL) logo / jersey


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Hi Guys, this concept is 90% finished. (Logo will be shrunk down to fit on the center panel.) I'm happy with the logo, but struggling badly with the word-mark: placement, size, detail. Here's 3 options.

Which do you like best? Do you have any word-mark suggestions that would be better than these?




Any other C&C would be welcome!

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Nice logo and sweater.

I like the third wordmark, but why not try it as a stand-alone secondary that settles in

on the sleeve, right under the numbers at the elbow.

I agree...the logo is good enough by itself, if adding a wordmark doesn't work.

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The logo is cool, but the wings seem a little too robotic for my taste. I know everyone is more discriminating when it's their team, but they don't really fit the Griffin theme. Maybe it's the silver, or the fact that they are so straight and rigid. I just don't like how they fit the rest of the logo.

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Thanx for the comments. Ok, so here are the suggestions so far:

a. move 'grand rapids' off 'GriffinS'

b. tried to make the composition more compact

c. tried to soften the metallic looking wings by switching white and grey

d. moved word-mark to sleeves




Do any of those pop out at you as "That's the one"? Any other ideas?

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You cant read the wordmark because the FIN is behind the legs. The wordmark isnt necessary. If you really want a wordmark, put it on top straight across, but that would make this already tall logo even taller. The rendering of the Griffin itself is pretty good, but it's hard to tell since it's so small.

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