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NFL players tribute to 9/11


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People got offended by those? REALLY?

It's not like they're sexifying up army fatigues.

What's the difference? They're military inspired outfits with the names of the actual military branches, and American flags on them. That's okay to sexify on the ten year anniversary of 9/11?

Those cheerleader outfits remind me of what dancers would wear in a USO show. I can see on one level how it would seem a desicration of a military uniform, but there is a precedent of supporting the troops behind doing the exact same thing. So on that level I don't have a problem with it. And, as far as cheerleader uniforms go, it's somewhat on the tasteful side. I guess that's a matter of opinion but to me it skews more sexy than slutty/ strip club. So I don't have a problem with that.

The USO thing was a good point, also brought up by a friend of mine off the board. But I would counter that USO shows are strictly for the service men and women, and in the name of boosting morale, I can see some raciness being okay. But 9/11 remembrance is for the entire country, and I really think any nods to it should've been kept somber, solemn and dignified.

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That's my take on the whole debacle.

A truly solemn occasion deserves a restrained and dignified tribute. Not this gaudy, Technicolor attention-grab.

I find it rather difficult to be solemn at an event (in this case, a game, unless my team is losing) designed to entertain those in attendance.

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Anybody else think the Tampa Bay Bucs cheerleaders' sexed up military-themed uniforms were offensive and disrespectful today? Even if they weren't specific replicas, I've always thought service uniforms were pretty serious business, not to be played around with. It just seems like something you'd see at a strip club, where decorum and respect don't matter. And shouldn't any observances or nods to 9/11 be somber and reverent? To me, it feels wrong to have a playful or sexy element involved in it.

Agreed, it was distasteful.


Why do some people specifically choose this moment to criticize what a bunch of cheerleaders are wearing but will undoubtably ignore them the rest of the year? This seems more like a little bit of unnecessary pandering of so called American values thats trying to come across as being patriotic. If they wore these same outfits two or three weeks from now then you would have no problem with it. Seriously, I don't see anything wrong with this. Are they supposed to wear burkas instead? Oh that makes sense, lets impose the same restrictive morals that we are trying to eradicate in this world; sounds like a grand idea!!!

Wow, did you ever miss the mark. First off, nobody here would ever accuse me of being patriotic, or on board with what most would call American values. Secondly, I personally would have a problem with the same uniforms, a month or two down the road. That's because I know several service people that have impressed upon me that the uniform is kind of a sacred thing, not to be trivialized. Now, in an off-board discussion on the same thing, somebody did score a point that made me budge a little bit, and concede that maybe these would be acceptable to the masses on a random military appreciation day, even if I personally disagreed. So there's that...but I'm truly baffled that there wasn't more outrage over the uniforms on 9/11 in particular, for the reasons I stated in my previous post.

And your burka comment was just plain stupid. I'm not saying they should've worn pantsuits for 9/11. The standard uniforms with a ribbon would've been just fine, or maybe even some kind of special red white and blue costume.

I didn't miss the mark at all. We are obviously on different sides of this argument...and lets not bring this whole "I know a bunch of service people who hate these" argument in to this because I know more than enough service men that would argue other wise about these and therefore make your comment moot. Trying to be the sounding board for thousands of service people is a poor argument in my book. Listen, I apologize if you feel like I was trying to attack you personally with my comment but I'm just getting tired of some people choosing specific times of the year to try to create some sort of hubbub out of nothing and spread their social agenda. Are we seriously criticizing Cheerleaders for wearing military looking uniforms on 9-11? C'mon, how many times have we seen this in the last 50 years? Didn't they ship out women in similar outfits all around the globe along side Bob Hope to cheer up the troops? What's different about THIS?

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