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Mayweather vs. Ortiz


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I want that Superfight between Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Think that's what everyone wants. Stop ducking Pacman and fight him already. That is clearly what he is doing as well. I've never heard of a fight where it says in the contract you have to submit to blood tests up to a day before the fight and that is what Floyd Mayweather is asking of Manny Pacquiao and he asks that of nobody else.

It would be one thing if Mayweather were fighting any and all comers, but he's clearly not. All he's doing is cherry picking the guys he wants to face. If he doesen't think he can beat them, he doesen't fight them. I don't blame Mayweather for that, but I do blame the boxing community for allowing a fighter of that nature to get away with it. If you want to know why boxing is down, its because things like that are allowed to happen. If the best guys aren't made to face off against each other, then what's the point? Nobody wants to see a sport where three people or more people can make legit claims at being the best at.

Imagine if Ali and Frazier never faced off. Would anyone have cared at all about what either fighter would have done from 1970 onward? Foreman beats Frazier. Big deal, he never beat Ali for the title. Ali beats Foreman. Just because you beat the guy that beat the Frazier doesen't necessarily make Ali better then Frazier. How many times have we seen a situation where fighther A can beat fighter B, fighter B can beat fighter C, and fighter C can beat fighter A?

Take it even a step further. Ken Norton owned Muhammad Ali, and Foreman beat Norton after he beat Frazier. What if Foreman beats Ken Norton and then decides he doesen't want to fight Ali? Norton beat Ali. He beat Joe Frazier the guy with the belt. What more does he have to prove?

It hurts the sport anyway you cut it. There's just no getting around that fact. The fighters (especially champions) should only have so much say over who they fight.

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There's a reason the Referee says, "protect yourself at all times."

That said, I'd pay good $$$ to see someone whip Floyd Mayweather's ass. Not to fight him in the ring; just to kick his ass. LOL

Larry Merchant would like to know precisely what kind of money we're talking here.

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There's a reason the Referee says, "protect yourself at all times."

That said, I'd pay good $$ to see someone whip Floyd Mayweather's ass. Not to fight him in the ring; just to kick his ass. LOL

Larry Merchant would like to know precisely what kind of money we're talking here.

So would Floyd. Read about his contract with HBO for that card.

From the story:

For his last four fights, Mayweather has hired Golden Boy Promotions, a company started by Oscar De La Hoya but run by Richard Schaefer, a former Swiss banker with no previous boxing background.

To explain the business model, Schaeffer starts with a pie. A little more than half goes to the distributors (Time Warner, DirecTV, etc.). The balance goes to the network, HBO or Showtime, which takes its distribution fees and hands the rest to the promoters.

In this case, Golden Boy has one contract with HBO and another with Mayweather Promotions. But the money, less what distributors and networks take, is under Mayweather?s control; normally the promoter would control it.

That pie is only part of the total revenue, the pay-per-view TV part. To illustrate the other revenue streams, Schaefer pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, a spreadsheet written in 6-point typeface. Drawn out, Schaefer said it would take up two chalkboards, but on the sheet in his pocket, it was boiled down to a formula for how much Mayweather would earn, based on how many people bought the fight and what the other revenue streams brought in.

Roger Federer does not make money off the sales of strawberries and cream at Wimbledon, nor does Derek Jeter?s contract include the Yankees? TV contract in Asia. Mayweather has devised an altogether different model for marquee athletes.

But, under this model, the expenses are Mayweather expenses, too, including advertising (radio spots, print ads, TV commercials), publicity (press tours, news conferences), sanctioning fees, legal contracts and insurance. For a fight of this magnitude, Schaefer said the expenses would run about $10 million.

First, Mayweather will write himself a check this week in the neighborhood of $25 million. This is similar, in concept, to the guaranteed money that other fighters receive from their promoters, but the check is much larger. Besides Mayweather, only Manny Pacquiao would command that much. What Mayweather earns in addition depends on the success of the event.

If 1.4 million or 1.5 million fans buy the fight ? which is expected ? Mayweather will make about $40 million, Schaefer said.

For comparison, consider Pacquiao. For his coming November fight, Top Rank has guaranteed $22 million and a percentage of other revenue for a total of $30 million, said Bob Arum, chairman of Top Rank. If the fight is canceled because of a natural disaster, for example, Pacquiao will still make $22 million, whereas Mayweather would stand to lose much of his total earnings.

That fight had a 9,000 in attendance with 3,000 going unsold, but the gate was still $9MM.

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