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Mets 50th Anniversary Logo


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Hey guys,

Almost every concept I've posted here has been done in photoshop, and not hand-drawn (with the exception of the smiling faux-back Marlin). I do, however, do a lot of my work by hand.

Anyway, here's a Mets 50th Anniversary patch idea I've had in my head for a while. I finally put pencil to paper, and this is what came out. Keep in mind this is totally free hand, I used no rulers or anything. Also the skyline and the NY are completely from memory.


Whatcha think?

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patchez in what program and how did u make such a nice look like a patch? pls :)... is there a tutorial of some sort for it on the net? cause i need to do something like that for a college jacket suggestion for my club

I use a professional embroidery program called Corel DraWings.



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