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Miami Marlins tweaks


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I just did some small changes to the look they unveiled the other day. Notably:

- I still kind of used the EngraversGothic font for most of the mark, instead of Century Gothic, however matched the A to the M and altered the trimming to better match up with the M as well. I left the yellow to only the M, as it works in the representation within the logo, and there are no marlins on the other letters so I felt it sufficient to put it on just the one letter.

- The numbers better match the letters. I did, however, restrict the trim to the secondary color and silver, rather than the multiple colors.



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Here's the same thing with the blue replacing orange as the secondary color:



(I reversed the orange and blue on the marlin to reflect the secondary color change)

I'm gonna try and come up with a look that has a little bit of a mix of orange AND blue as "secondaries". I'll post it when I'm satisified with the final outcome.


NOTE: I went ahead and put "Marlins" on the home, though I'm fine with "Miami" being on there for the first season just to emphasize the location name change.

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-The numbers are (obviously) much better than the current ones

-I'm probably in the vast minority here, but I prefer red-orange as the secondary over blue (though the black jersey with the blue piping is sexy)

-I like how you fixed the "A" and made the font colouring more consistent, but I think you should just ditch the yellow altogether. It can't really be incorporated into the other letters, and is pretty pointless appearing on just the top of the "M"

-On the blue and orange jerseys, having both sides of the Miamislug the same colour doesn't look good

Good job.


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Very good work here. I really like the set with blue as the secondary color. It honestly looks light years better than the red-orange as a secondary color. Oddly, I actually liked the white Miami script on grey, but I understand why you changed it. No real complaints here.


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