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Milwaukee Brewers Concept


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I thought up this concept during the Brewers post-season run. I realized that as of the 2011 season, the Brewers have now made the playoffs just as many times as a navy & gold team than in the ball-in-glove era. However, I didn't like how whenever they showed highlights from 1982 during the NLCS, the Cardinals looked relatively the same, but the Brewers looked like a completely different team. So my goal here was to retain the navy & gold, but come up with something that could be put next to the uniforms from the BiG era and not look so jarring.

Essentially, its a recolour of the concept I did for my NL Project over the summer, but with cream added in. I figured it would make sense for a team that plays in the Cream City to use, but it had the unintended effect of giving the look an "old timey" feel that could also be seen as a tribute to the minor league Brewers.

Anyway, y'all know what to do... :D

Home Road Home Alt Road Alt

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Everything looks awesome except the primary home uniform. The gold clashes badly with the cream. I'd ditch the cream on the home uniform. Good job.

Agreed. Infact, I found the worse case of clashing to be when the cream pants were used with the gold jersey. Make the home jersey and pants white and you have a great concept. Other than that, no real complaints, nice job.


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