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Georgia Tech NPC


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I'm not a fan of GT, and I know they're a Russell school, however I was bored and had a good idea for them. I wanted to use a honeycomb pattern for this, and keep a consistent striping pattern throughout the concept. Since I absolutely love the white-color-white jersey combination in football (I especially like white helmets) I decided to use that here, using a white helmet and white pants with a gold jersey, keeping the white that GT loves to use while still managing to have a gold jersey. I used a sublimated honeycomb pattern on the shoulder panel which continues to the sleeves. The honeycomb pattern is also sublimated on the helmet logo.



Full Jersey:


I'm considering making this into a ACC Pro Combat series out of this if I have the time/ideas.

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Anything Nike is an improvement over what they already have, and this looks really good. The pattern on the compression sleeves is an especially nice touch.

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I am a die-hard Georgia Tech fan, and I've already spoke to the athletic department about bringing back the throwbacks with the white helmets (Calvin Johnson and company wore them once in recent years). They're so far ahead of the standard uni, I don't get WHY they don't go with them more often. You are recruiting young kids, and guess what? They're kind of into uniforms!

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