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Portland Winter Hawks (WHL)


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According to an e-mail from the Winter Hawks (Western Hockey League) they have modified their sweater crest/logo for the upcoming 2004/05 season. And I quote:

"New Logo! Really? Well sort of.....

The Indian head logo that we have used over the past 28 years is the Chicago Black Hawks logo, over the years the Marketing department has fine tuned the logo to give the Winter Hawks their own idenity. At first glance you may not notice much different, but if you look close you will notice quite a change to our logo and jerseys for the 2004-05 Season. First of all the Logo is 25% larger than the past years. The Feathers inside outlines are all black the feathers are much more rounded. Our Earring is now a half circle and the face is a much lighter pigment."

Contrast and compare:





Just a little ol' FYI for y'all... ^_^


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Yeah not much of a difference but it sorta cleans up the logo a little bit. Looks nice.

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hell, if they want to make it look less like the blackhawks, maybe they should A) get new uniforms, or B) just make the head face the other way :)

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basically, changes Joe Fan won't notice right away, if at all. only real noticeable modification right off the bat is the pigmentation. now the little things that have changed:

the eyebrow's been lengthened

the nose (thanks hockeyman73)

the cheek

the hair

the feathers and earring(see original post)


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